Help the technologically challenged...

Yes, that would be me.  Thanks for asking.  :)   I'm in need of some free & EASY digital video editing software.  I've been shooting a couple of tutorials with our digital camcorder, but they are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.  In fact, they would be just about right if I could just change the speed to fast-forward the whole time :)  It's not like I'm talking throughout the thing... although I would also need to add some text to the video to explain schtuff.

I just downloaded the Windows MovieMaker, but evidently my video card is total sheeee-ite (according to the little pop up window) and so the program won't run.  You would think that since I'm married to a compu-nerd that I would have some stellar system... evidently not.  Wienie.  Sooooooo... any ideas?


Andrea C said...

I don't know if this one is still any good but when we were at Uni we used it to find programs www.tucows.com free and shareware and demos etc xx

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Hubby says he used to use VirtualDub before, or try here for a list