Welcoming the Winter Solstice and a little folklore...

Just thought I'd throw out a few little factoids and folklore today... just for fun...

Today at 5:38pm CST marks the Winter Solstice and the official start of Winter.  Which means that today is the shortest day of the year... well, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway.  Wikipedia has more info than you'll want to know about it.

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The Winter Solstice is a time for rest... I am SO into that :)
Let's just say that Google is my friend.

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The Winter Solstice marks the battle between The Holly King & The Oak King... with The Holly King of course winning while The Oak King withdraws & rests until the next battle... where upon the table is turned.

HERE are some interesting tidbits on the transformation of Santa Claus from folklore.


Sarah Cooper said...

Blessed Solstice to all!
We celebrate the Celtic Winter Solstice, Alban Arthan, today. All the lights out and candles lit. Family descending... BIG turkey dinner, followed by a Yule Log Cake. Since we have no fireplace we will each light a birthday candle, make a wish and put it on the cake, symbolically 'lighting the yule log'. We will then use this light to light the other candles around the house...
sit and read poetry and just talk.
It's our quiet-down a refresh day before the bigger events later this week.

Carmen said...

What an intersting post and Sarah your day sounds amazing!

Alison said...

Wonderful post! Sarah, TFS your day! I wish I was able to celebrate yule like that this year! Blessings to all!

Gina said...

Fabulous post Barb, and Sarah I am so jealous :D I try to hold a yule celebration every year, but every year something stops me. So I shall start tomorrow instead now :)
May your fires burn warm and bright through this festive time :D
Blessed Be
Love as always XXX