Kenny K's - Maggie Mayhem & a camera question...

Check it.  This is a just-for-fun card I finished the other day.  Not for classes, not for DT, not for Christmas... just for the hell of it.  Ahhhh.  Cardmaking for the sheer joy... can ya' feel it?!

And since I suck at the whole photo-taking thing, I thought I would show you the difference from my scanner vs. camera.  Let's just say that in real life, the image color is actually in-between these two representations.
{photo shot with camera}
Awhile back, Kenny K had a contest to name his newest digi line, Krash Kittenz... and one of my names was selected!  Yeay!  This is Maggie Mayhem... VERY fitting name me thinks :)
{scanner version}
 I'm trying out the Latina-esque / sun-kissed skin tone with Copics E11, E13 & E15.  The jacket & shoes:  N1, N4, N7.  Reds:  R59, R29, R24.  Hair:  E21, E25, E29.

{photo shot with camera}
The trim is some pleather belt-ish stuff I found at JoAnn's, along with the black rose trim.  The paper & "beware" are from a Halloweenie MS paper pack... yeah, Martha can rock the paper once in awhile.  I added a touch o' shimmer to her bandanna, armlet, & necklace with a Stardust glitter pen.

{scanner version}
My camera is just a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ5... nothing fancy.  Something that can fit into my purse.  I'm thinking of getting a "real" camera sometime this year and I need to know what to get.  I am NOT a photographer-type person.  I don't want to have to read an encyclopedia in order to use a camera, and I'm too lazy to have to manually focus a shot.  Sooooooo... any suggestions?  Please leave a comment or email me at my address in my sidebar.

So.  What do you think of Maggie?


Carmen said...

I have the same camera so know EXACTLY what you are saying and am just as lazy ;)

Love your colouring and shading - she's gorgeous. The bling really shows up on the camera pics.

Patti J said...

Wow! Incredible how different it looks scanned vs. shot! I'd have never believed it! Great card, by the way, and so much fun that you created it just for the hell of it! I do that now and then, and it feels SO stinkin' good!!! As for cameras - no way can I help! I have a point and shoot Canon Power Shot, and if it gets any more complex than that, DD has to take pictures...lol!!! Hugs, dear friend!

Janet said...

super card! i have that paper pack!! :) I suck at taking pictures so i am no help...but i do use white papers as a backdrop and a light with no flash if that helps any?? lol

Alison said...

Kick ass card! Love her name!!! I think the camera shots look way better then the scanned ones. You see so much more depth. I use a Canon, which has a lot of easy options for lighting and such...you may want to check them out. But the card...really rad!

Debbie Pamment said...

Hubba Hubba - she's fabulous either scanned or photographed!!! But I must sat I prefer the camera shots for my 2 cents worth! Congrats on getting naming rights too.

Teri said...

I got me a second hand digital SLR camera, an Olympus. It's a bit big and bulky, but you can do such a lot with it! It even does the focus thing for you, but sometimes it focuses on the wrong thing so you have to fool it by looking a bit to the left or right.
If I were you I would stay away from the cheapest ones, because that's where you loose the quality or your image.
Hope that helps a bit hun!
Teri x

Andrea C said...

my hubby has a digital slr and it takes amazing pics (when he uses it but when I use it, it sucks!!!) both pics looked good though x

Nancy said...

one AMAZING card here girlie....I so envy your coloring style...I'm thinking of moving to copics...you know of any good cheap places to buy sets?....I really got a giggle out of your greeting along with this darling image...cute...cute.....cute...

As for camera's, I by no means am a pro...as you can tell in my photos...but I have been eyeballing the Canon EOS Rebel for a few years now...we've always had great luck and photos from Cannon...not to mention it's interchangeable with my husband's camera for lense's and accessories...so that's an added bonus....lol...here's a link if you're interrested...


I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!!!!


DonnaMundinger said...

Pretty cheeky there, Barb! WooHoo! My DH is an ass man. gotta get this image! No help on the camera. I'm a Canon Powershot chickie myself. LOVE it but I don't do diddly except put it on macro and shoot. That's just how I like it. xxD

Alex said...

WOW! Can't help you with the camera, but this card is amazing! You rocked the skin tones and the trims - perfect!

Yep creating for fun. I don't do that near enough anymore! Working on fixing that though :)