Macabre Monday - Eerie Inspiration

Looks like the Minions slept in today.
Must have been all that devilish revelry in celebration of our
last milestone challenge. Thanks to everyone who made it down
to the dungeon to party with us. I'm pretty sure we all had a blast.

 We're going to go easy on you guys (and our aching heads), 
with a photo inspiration challenge, we like to call,

Eerie Inspiration.    
This collage photo should be able to coax your mojo to come out to play.
Interpret this as you'd like, it's purely for inspiration. 
There is no wrong way to do this challenge.

Wanna see what a couple of the (less hung over) Minions came up with?

The tools of the trade.

Beautiful notebook front cover.

Even the inside pages are decorated. Nice, right?

So cool! Makes you want to start journaling, doesn't it? 

 Wicked, skull book box!

Great dimension and texture!

No haunted mansion or castle should be without one!  

See? No pressure. 
Just create something creepy, Gothic, or Halloween-y. 


Anonymous said…
Wow, once again the minions did a great job! Both projects are totally wicked!
Matney said…
Gorgeous and gruesome projects. Great theme and TY soooo much all the inspiration, eerie and deadly!
KristyLee said…
Both books are hauntly gorgeous!
You are right, no haunted mansion or castle should be w/o one.
Really tho- super great job on these projects!!!!
nwilliams6 said…
Love the inspiration pictures, can't wait to start on this one!
@ anenglishlady. I couldn't comment on your fabulous box - but do love it - Thank you for sharing your art with us at HDH

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