Macabre Monday #182 Frightening Fairies Week 2

OMG, how time FLIES!  
Especially when the FRIGHTENING FAIRIES are after you, eh?  
Yes, it's already week two of our challenge by that name, 
and so far it seems to be quite the challenge.
Are all the fairies in hiding, or only the frightening ones?  LOL  
Well, here's a bit more inspiration from Team B, 
and hopefully we can scare some up.

Devilishly Deviant

C'mon! Let's see what happens when Tinker Bell goes bad, or 
when the Tooth Fairy decides to go rogue and starts removing kid's
teeth herself. Pick a fairy, and make it creepy.
Enter your Frightening Fairy here.


Matney said…
Ekkkk! Love these fairies ladies. Just beautiful both and sooo appreciate all your creativeness and the time.

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