HDH 163 Dante, A Divine Comedy

The Divine Comedy/ Dante's Inferno

Well This week It's Menace Of The Monstrous Mark here with this fortnights challenge, I have managed to slip the chains long enough to set the theme.
Now as you can see from the picture above the Theme is 'The Divine Comedy'
I'm sure most of you know at least the rough gist of the story, Dante battling through the different levels of hell or in the very least you might have played the computer game (me) I did try reading it once, Way heavy going.Ok so the challenge is not to read the Divine Comedy although you can, but to create something inspired by Dante's time down under. Here is a break down of the circles of Hell Dante passed through.
Now you can pick a circle of Hell that appeals to you or feel free to sum up Dante's time as a whole, or just a wild Hellish vision of your own. Go crazy and get inventive, We can not wait to see what you can come up with.
Remember to check back next Monday for more inspiration from our DT. Lets see what we have this week.

Temptress of Terror Teri
(The Gates of Hell)

Sultana Of The Sinister Black Dragon
(Limbo and Heresy)

Freak Of The Formidable Fiona

Agent Of The Abominable Andrea

Menace Of The Monstrous Mark

Stop on by the DT's blogs, leave some love and find out more about what they have created for the challenge.
We can not wait to see what you come up with. 


fabulous post and awesome DT projects xx
ike said…
FANTASTIC DT projects - this don't seem like a good place to visit !!!
Great Post Mark xx
GrĂ¡inne said…
Brilliant DT pieces! I have to admit I don't know anything about the Divine Comedy ... But thanks to whom- or whatever for the www I'll find out :-D If I'll have an idea is another question. Yupp, great post :-) Suzanne xx
A Fabulous post and awesome DT projects............An Intriguing theme, I'm up for the challenge.
CarlaKH said…
what a great challenge and amazing DT projects!

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