New Simply Betty Release - Christmas Emos Preview Day 2

How did you like yesterday's preview?  Well, on to Day Two:

Elfin' Miller is in da-house!  I swear I giggle every single time I see him :)

 VERY simple card, but I just couldn't foof it up.  Me thinks I need some red/black embellies.  Believe it or not, I just don't have any!  A room full of papercrafting schtuff & I couldn't find something that worked with this... CRAZY.  Time for a room re-org!!!

Please note:  Elfin' Miller does NOT come holding the pair of tidy whities... 
THAT little gem was added by me :)

And soooooooooo totally perfect for this image, dontcha think?

 And in case you can't see the sentiment, the front says:
WTH... I was good all year & all I got were these tidy whities?!
The inside reads:
Don't EVEN tell me what's in my stocking.

 I really wanted a wittier sentiment, but I just totally blanked.  The possibilities really are endless... 
  • chestnuts roasting
  • jingle bells
  • snowballs
  • you really shouldn't re-gift certain things
  • roomier than the tights he's wearing...
A good friend of mine DID come up with this little bit of wondermousness:

"Well, I was ACTUALLY thinking of Santa's List
when I said that I wanted to leave a good mark."

bwaaahhhh haaa haaa... thanks, Beverly!
I would LOVE to hear some funnier ideas from you all.  Please leave me a comment with some off-beat sentiment that could be used for this image (with the tidy whities) and I'll select my favorite and send the winner a little sumpin' sumpin'!!

Well, tomorrow is the big Release Day Hop!!
Be sure to start over at the SBS blog for all of the details!


Andrea C said...

hehe this is brill, love all of the sentiments and the fact that you added the y fronts is hilarious x

Susan's crafty chaos said...

I love this Barb, but I'm blanking on a sentiment, will get back to you if inspiration strikes :D

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

I LOVE this, brought a much needed smile to my face. The sentiment ... not arrived in my brain yet.

Creepy Glowbugg said...

YOU WIN! Adding the undies was friggin' brilliant! It looks like he is supposed to be holding something and you nailed it!! You are the Master for a reason.

DonnaMundinger said...

ROTFLMAO!!!!! How about "Yikes! Not enough room to jingle my balls!" xxD

Tracey Feeger said...

OMG how simply awesome is this card. I love the sentiment and love that you have put in the undies by yourself and I agree it is just perfect. LOL. Great work

Betty Boo! said...

OMG Barb that is BRILLIANT! His hands were perfect for those whities!! You cracked me up so loud Jude woke up!


K said...

"well I dont THINK its coal hes left this year"

Yours ofc is much better ... is it ok if I nick the undies idea? giving you full credit & a link back if I blog it?

~Lady B~ said...

Too freakin' cute! LMAO!

Eulanda said...

Baaaaa ha ha ha!!!! OH MY WORD!! The tidy whities?!! FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!

...just Barbara said...

I love this - so much humor in his pose with the perfect sized whities! LOL! :D