July Master of the Macabre... yes, I know it's late :)

It's that time again... 

The Gruesome Twosome list from which I will draw a name for Master of the Macabre for July 2010 (from HDH046-HDH049 challenges): 

1.  Alison
2.  Andrea
3.  Lady B.
4.  Andrea
5.  Sarah E.
6.  Barb H.
7.  Sarah E.
8.  Teri

{drum roll}

The July 2010 Master of Macabre  is:   
Grab your Master of the Macabre badge from the top tab, and please email me with your mailing address so I can send out your winnings :)

Thanks so much for everyone's participation... because we all really need a little bit of dark to balance out the cute & cuddly in our lives :)  Keep the Eerie Inspiration comin', guys!!


Kimmarie Baker said...

Congrats Teri!

Teri said...

Hey, it's my lucky day!! Not so for my D no2, off to get some fillings for her (eeek - dentists -HORROR!!!)
Teri x

Gina said...

Congratulations Teri XXX

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Congrats Terri - well deserved

blackdragon said...

Well done Teri.....
ALWAYS SAY 'TERRIBLY TALENTED TERI'.... now i shall just bend my knee and doff my cap!
love lynx

Nancy said...

congrats Teri...