Fiendishly Fun Friday - Halloween-named US towns...

And to think, when someone says they are in a living Hell... they really might be...

Scary, Putnam County, West Virginia
Trickem, Lowndes County, Alabama
Trickem, Gwinnett County, Georgia
Treat, Pope County, Arkansas
Treat, Polk County, Georgia
Treat, Webster Parish, Louisiana
Candy Town, Hocking County, Ohio
Chocolate Bayou, Brazoria County, Texas
Hershey, Pennsylvania
Frankenstein, Osage County, Missouri
Goblintown, Virginia
Casper, Wyoming
Boos, Jasper County, Illinois
Spider, Knott County, Kentucky
Spider, De Soto Parish, Louisiana
Spiderweb, Aiken County, South Carolina
Bat Cave, Henderson County, North Carolina
Pumpkin, Paulding County, Georgia
Pumpkin, San Jacinto County, Texas
Pumpkin Bend, Woodruff County, Arkansas
Pumpkin Center, Alabama
Pumpkin Center, Coconino County, Arizona
Pumpkin Center, California
Pumpkin Center, Lake County, Florida
Pumpkin Center, Indiana
Pumpkin Center, Caldwell County, Kentucky
Pumpkin Center, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana
Pumpkin Center, Allegany County, Maryland
Pumpkin Center, Union County, Mississippi
Pumpkin Center, Missouri
Pumpkin Center, North Carolina
Pumpkin Center, Oklahoma
Pumpkin Center, Minnehaha County, South Dakota
Pumpkin Center, Tennessee
Pumpkin Center, Bland County, Virginia
Pumpkin Hill, Genesee County, New York
Pumpkin Hollow, New York
Pumpkin Hook, Washington County, New York
Pumpkintown, Jackson County, North Carolina
Pumpkintown, Pickens County, South Carolina
Pumpkintown, Macon County, Tennessee
Pumpkintown, Randolph County, West Virginia

Tombstone, Cochise County, Arizona
Skull Valley, Yavapai County, Arizona
Skullbone, Gibson County, Tennessee
Skullhead, Ware County, Georgia
Skull Run, Jackson County, West Virginia
Skull Creek, Weston County, Wyoming
Deadmans, Muskingum County, Ohio
Deadman Landing, Volusia County, Florida
Deadman Crossing, Ross County, Ohio
Deadmans Corner, Converse County, Wyoming
Deadmans Corner, Aroostook County, Maine
Dead Mans Crossing, Posey County, Indiana
Dead Women Crossing, Custer County, Oklahoma

Screamer, Henry County, Alabama
Screamer, Maury County, Tennessee
Screamersville, Chesterfield County, Virginia
Yelling Settlement, Baldwin County, Alabama
Yellville, Marion County, Arkansas
Yell, Marshall County, Tennessee
Holler, Frederick County, Maryland
Devil Canyon, San Bernardino County, California
Devil Town, Wayne County, Ohio
Devils Backbone, Connecticut
Devils Corner, Delta County, Michigan
Devils Corner, Pepin County, Wisconsin
Devils Cross Roads, Newberry County, South Carolina
Devils Den, Park County, Wyoming
Devils Den, Kern County, California
Devils Elbow, Colusa County, California
Devils Elbow, Grand Traverse County, Michigan
Devils Elbow, Pulaski County, Missouri
Devils Gap, Gosper County, Nebraska
Devils Ladder, Adams County, Idaho
Devils Lake, Lenawee County, Michigan
Devils Lake, Ramsey County, North Dakota
Devils Slide, Utah
Devils Tower, Crook County, Wyoming
Kill Devil Hills, Dare County, North Carolina
Red Devil, Alaska
Seven Devils, Avery County, North Carolina
Satans Kingdom, Addison County, Vermont
Satans Kingdom, Franklin County, Massachusetts
Hell, Livingston County, Michigan
Hell Hollow, Sullivan County, New Hampshire
Half Hell, Brunswick County, North Carolina
Little Hell, Accomack County, Virginia
Hells Corners, Trumbull County, Ohio
Merry Hell, Simpson County, Mississippi
Firetown, Hartford County, Connecticut
Pyro, Jackson County, Ohio

Witch Lake, Marquette County, Michigan
Witch Hazel, Washington County, Oregon
Black Cat, Mississippi County, Arkansas
Spook City, Saguache County, Colorado
Spook Hill, Baltimore County, Maryland
Transylvania, East Carroll Parish, Louisiana
Transylvania Beach, Jefferson County, Kentucky
Transylvania County, North Carolina
Blood, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire
Bloody Corners, Portage County, Ohio
Bloody Springs, Tishomingo County, Mississippi
Slaughter, Kent County, Delaware
Slaughter, East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana
Slaughter, Sullivan County, Tennessee
Slaughter Beach, Sussex County, Delaware
Slaughter Creek, Stewart County, Georgia
Slaughter Landing, Madison County, Alabama
Slaughterville, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

John, Russell County, Virginia
Carpenter, Clark County, South Dakota
Michael, Calhoun County, Illinois
Myers, San Miguel County, New Mexico
Lee, Fayette County, West Virginia
Curtis, Lewis County, Washington
Lance, Madison County, Missouri
Guest, De Kalb County, Alabama
Malcolm, Washington County, Alabama
McDowell, Highland County, Virginia


Andrea C said...

thats a lot of crazy towns x

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Someone actually went through an atlas and listed these?

michelle said...

I love your cards and the stamps you used so crafty. michellecrawford80@yahoo.com

Susan's crafty chaos said...

I wanna live in Spiderweb!

kathlee said...

Hi there! I'm a totally new spooked stalker! Great card-stamps are adorable! Looking forward to more spook time with you!

Anonymous said...

Awsome card. My first time to visit your blog. I will be back


Nancy said...

wowza girl...there is actually a name on the list that I know...I am actually from the county that Devil's Lake is in.....(Devils Lake, Lenawee County, Michigan)I grew up there...and I have to say, the name perseeds it...we always went bar hopping up there (they call it the hills with eyes...lol...Irish Hills is the area)alot of spookyness goes on...

DonnaMundinger said...

Slaughterville or Bloody Springs sort of floats my boat!. xxD

Alex said...

Really, Idaho should have much more than one listed because, well, it is truly a scary place to live :) LOL!